Threaded Companion Flange


Discover the Threaded Companion Flange

Threaded flanges, also known as companion flanges, screw flanges, or NPT flanges, offer a seamless solution for connecting male NPT threaded pipes. As the perfect choice for reducing connections, these flanges are widely used in various applications. Take advantage of their versatility and explore alternative thread styles beyond the conventional NPT format specified by the ASME B16.5 standard.



Threaded flanges are most commonly found in sizes ranging from ½ inch to 6 inches in nominal pipe size. However, if needed, we can provide NPT threaded flanges up to 24 inches.

The complexity of additional machining and labor involved in crafting larger diameter threaded connections makes them less popular than slip-on or weld neck configurations. Nevertheless, they can prove notably advantageous for applications requiring periodic connection and disconnection.

These flanges enable a male pipe end to be linked to the flange without necessitating a weld, although a weld can be employed for sealing if required. However, such a welded seal would negate the primary benefit of a threaded flange, which lies in its ease of assembly and disassembly. In cases concerning pressure vessel equipment, a welded seal can be employed if the user intends to permanently seal the pipe and flange assembly.

Threaded flange connections are frequently mandated when employing a male NPT pipe connection, especially if the conveyed substance is reactive or explosive. This is why NPT/threaded companion flanges are commonly favored in API oilfield services. While the API 6A specification also allows for male thread flange connections, these are less prevalent than the female NPT-centered connections.