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Cole Industrial is a supplier of premium industrial PVF, catering to a diverse range of sectors including power generation, aviation fueling, sanitation, and various other industries. With an extensive global presence spanning more than a quarter-century, we are experts in PVF, sanitary, and structural metal as well as stainless steel solutions.

Our comprehensive array of industrial offerings accommodates projects of all magnitudes.


Cole Industrial has built an impeccable reputation as a trusted supplier of industrial pipe catering to many different industries.

From oil and gas, power generation, well drilling, food and beverage processing and aviation fuel, Cole Industrial showcases a commitment to excellence, backed by rigorous quality checks and an expert team that understands the nuances of each sector.



Cole Industrial provides a diverse range of flanges, widely utilized across numerous industrial applications. Our unwavering commitment to product excellence is matched by our exceptional customer service, guaranteeing top-tier quality with every purchase.


Industrial pipe supplier supporting power generation, aviation fueling, well drilling and other industries. Cole Industrial supplies a variety of pipe in different grades and sizes. 

Pipe Fittings

Premier supplier of buttweld fittings, forged fittings, cast fittings and olets. We stock a full range of 304L and 316L stainless steel, carbon and alloy steels in both domestic and imported grades.


Supplier of high quality valves including 1 piece, 2 piece, 3 piece, flanged, multiport, sanitary, along with in house actuation.


Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company maintains a large inventory of tubing ranging from 1/8″ O.D. through 8″ O.D.


Cole Industrial takes pride in its role as a certified distributor of Certa-Lok products. As a trusted provider in the industry, we offer an extensive range of Certa-Lok solutions that cater to various needs and applications.


Cole Industrial’s growth trajectory now encompasses Stainless Structural Steel, solidifying its path towards establishing itself as a preeminent and widely recognized industry leader. Our product portfolio encompasses an extensive array of structural steel offerings, showcasing our commitment to diversity and quality.


We supply a wide array of pipe hangers, clamps, brackets, and other essential components to ensure that piping systems are properly supported, aligned, and protected.

Pipe Fittings

Cole Industrial is  a full service sanitary process piping supplier for the juice, dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries

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Industrial Pipe Supplier – Cole Industrial

Industrial Pipe Supplier – Cole Industrial

The right piping can make all the difference. At Cole Industrial, we pride ourselves on being a top-tier industrial pipe supplier, catering to a variety of industries. Whether you are in the power generation industry, well drilling, food and beverage or aviation fuel,...

Industrial Flanges Supplier

Industrial Flanges Supplier

Industrial Flanges Supplier - Industrial flanges are a vital component in many industries, from oil and gas to petrochemicals, power plants, water treatment, and more. These components, when executed correctly, serve as the backbone of fluid and gas transport systems....

Cole Industrial: Your First Choice for Industrial PVF products.

Cole Industrial: Your First Choice for Industrial PVF products.

In the vast landscape of industrial operations, the right supplier can make a world of difference. From ensuring seamless operations to maintaining the safety and efficiency of a system, every component plays a crucial role. For organizations seeking a PVF (Pipe,...


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Cole Industrial has always provided prompt and precise quotes, delivery information and quality final products. The piping and other miscellaneous steel products we’ve purchased have always been of the highest quality and workmanship. 

No matter the size of our orders, Cole Industrial has been able to fulfill each order in a timely manner, enabling us to continue our on-site work with no interruptions caused by delays in materials.

It is with great pleasure our team recommends Cole Industrial to any company looking for a supplier of steel products.

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