Slip On Flanges

slip on flange


Slip-on flanges, a widely embraced type of pipe flange, are designed to accommodate the insertion of a pipe into the center bore of the flange. This facilitates welding around both the Outer Diameter (OD) of the pipe and the inner side of the connection.

The slip-on flange serves as a straightforward and effective alternative to the weld neck flange. It lacks a weld bevel, which offers the advantage of adjusting the pipe’s length in relation to its position within the flange. The bore of the slip-on flange provides ample space to accommodate the corresponding pipe. This configuration grants the welder and fabricator sufficient room to establish the connection.



This flange variation finds extensive usage in applications involving lower pressures. In most slip-on style flanges, a hub is present, which often appears dimensionally similar to a raised face. In cases where space is restricted and the circumstances allow for a “ring style” slip-on, it can be supplied without a hub.

While the hub-equipped style is more prevalent when discussing slip-ons, a hubless ring-style slip-on still falls within the realm of slip-on flanges and can be specified as needed.

In instances demanding higher pressure ratings, slip-ons are frequently crafted with the height resembling that of a lap joint, enhancing the connection quality. When hub height isn’t a constraint and a lap joint isn’t readily accessible, customers occasionally choose a slip-on designed in a lap joint style with a machined hub.