Lap Joint Flange



Lap Joint Flanges, available at Cole Industrial, are a less commonly requested type of flange. They feature an extended hub and a machined radius at the base of the flat face, allowing for the convenient placement of a pipe fitting called a stub end.

These flanges are specifically designed to saddle over the stub end fitting for easy rotation. This combination is particularly beneficial in situations that necessitate frequent removal and reinstallation for inspection purposes, as it enables accurate bolting by rotating the lap joint over the stub end.



The hubs of these flanges typically have greater height compared to slip-on styles and can be tailored according to your specific requirements. Slip-ons in higher pressure classes are frequently designed with the hub height resembling that of a lap joint, enhancing the connection quality.

In situations where hub height isn’t a concern and a lap joint isn’t readily accessible, some customers may choose a slip-on designed in a lap joint style with a machined hub.

In many cases, a stub end might be crafted from a specialized material grade like nickel alloy, while the lap joint consists of basic carbon or standard stainless steel. This selection helps reduce the overall cost of the connection.

Ideally, uniformity is recommended by using the same grade for both components, but the choice should be dictated by the specifics of your application and what’s deemed most suitable and necessary.